Baby boomers are now aging in a tax era that is favorable to transferring wealth to loved ones of younger generations. The recent increase in the estate and gift tax exemptions thresholds, along with expanding wealth, work to create anREAD MORE

In most cases, it is perfectly fine to have an out-of-state family member or other individual act as the personal representative (executor/administrator). If you have questions regarding your status as a personal representative residing outside California, I encourage you toREAD MORE

A revocable living trust can only control the assets that have been transferred into it. This process of changing titles and beneficiary designations to your trust is called “funding your trust.” It is a simple concept, yet it is whatREAD MORE

Our website has the handout we gave out at our most recent presentation to our clients and friends regarding a Trustee’s job in administering a Trust after a death. Here is the link to the handout: Your Job as Trustee

What it Means to “Fund” a Revocable Trust After an individual (the “grantor” also known as the “settlor” or “trustor”) creates a revocable family trust, the next step is to implement the trust by “funding” it. “Funding” the revocable trustREAD MORE

Married couples face many challenges in retirement. One that is unavoidable and that consistently derails retirement plans is the loss of a spouse. Studies show that the death of a spouse often leads to an economic decline for the survivingREAD MORE


Dear Clients, Friends and Colleagues: We are pleased to invite you and your guests to our 2018 Annual Estate Planning Seminar. If your clients, advisors, successor trustees or children would like to attend, please let us know. The seminar willREAD MORE

Many people avoid setting up their estate plan because they feel that once they sign their documents, the decisions are finalized. Although the final version of the documents will come into effect at death, you can always revise your estateREAD MORE

After a death, many people are left looking for a Will or a Trust. If people are unable to find any estate planning documents in the home, the last place to look often ends up being a Safe Deposit Box.READ MORE