Distribution Planning: Another Perspective on How to Distribute Assets

How to Leave Assets to Adult Children

When considering how to leave assets to your adult children, first decide how much you want each one to receive. Most parents want to treat their children fairly, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they should receive equal shares of your estate. For example, you may want to give more to a child who is a teacher than to one who has a successful business. Or you may want to compensate a child who has taken care of you during an illness or your later years.

Some parents worry about leaving too much money to their children. They want their children to have enough to do whatever they wish, but not so much that they will be lazy and unproductive. Well, no one said you have to give everything to your children. You may prefer to leave more to your grandchildren and future generations through a trust, and/or make a generous charitable contribution.

Next, decide how you want your children to receive their inheritances. You have several options from which to choose.

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