How to Leave a Legacy When You Don’t Have Children

Many people either choose to not have children or have accepted the circumstances in their lives that do not allow children to be a part of them. A question on how to leave a lasting legacy remains for those that do not have immediate heirs. Ms. Malone Wright, founder of who lives in Cleveland, noted that even if you have a child, you have no way to control where your child carries your legacy; it might not be a direction you would choose.

Many people try to better the greater good by donating money or by volunteering in their local communities. Others try to make lasting impressions through their careers. you don’t have to be rich, a genius or a world-renowned luminary to touch people’s lives for generations to come. Here are some ways to leave a lasting legacy when you don’t have genetic offspring:

  • Get it in writing.
  • Preserve your family history.
  • Support institutions you find meaningful.
  • Champion worthy causes.

See Anna Goldfarb, How to Leave a Legacy When You Don’t Have Children, New York Times, July 17, 2018.

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