USA Today Article: How to prepare financially for being a widow/widower

Married couples face many challenges in retirement. One that is unavoidable and that consistently derails retirement plans is the loss of a spouse. Studies show that the death of a spouse often leads to an economic decline for the surviving spoues. This may stem from a loss of income, an inability to cope with the loss, or the inability of the surviving spouse to competently manage their finances. A few steps couples can take to mitigate this risk include: 1) having an open discussion about money matters, 2) cover what-if scenarios, 3) delay social security as long as is feasible, 4) check and recheck beneficiary designations, 5) gather a financial team, 6) make sure the estate plan is current, and 7) possibly relocate to a smaller home that requires less maintenance and has lowers associated costs.

See Robert Powell, How to Prepare Financially for Being a Widow/Widower, USA Today, January 19, 2018.

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