After the death of a family member, it can be difficult to confront the reality of handling their affairs. We are sympathetic to your feelings and will show compassion at every step of the process.

Our firm provides checklists designed to help you through the estate administration process after a death has occurred. We give you the roadmap of the tasks that you will work on together with your lawyer, accountant, and investment advisors.

Do not feel overwhelmed, since you can complete these steps one at a time, and you have many months to complete the tasks.

See below for an abbreviated example of our comprehensive approach to Trust Administration:
______ Order Several Certified Death Certificates
______ Locate Original Will and Codicils
______ Retain Possession of Trust and All Amendments
______ Notify Social Security of Death
______ Notify All Credit Card Companies of Death
______ Review and Terminate Automatic Distributions (ex. Health Insurance)

It is important to contact your attorney after a death, as the attorney will advise you on whether you need administer a trust or initiate probate.

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