Why Do I Need Will if I already have a Trust?

A revocable living trust can only control the assets that have been transferred into it. This process of changing titles and beneficiary designations to your trust is called “funding your trust.” It is a simple concept, yet it is what keeps you and your family out of Probate in the event of your death; it also allows you to keep more control over the distribution of your assets to your beneficiaries.

While you may intend to put everything into your trust, you may inadvertently leave something out of it. For example, you could acquire new assets after creating the trust and simply not get around to titling the assets in the name of your trust. Your pour over will states that if a “forgotten” asset is discovered after you die, the asset is to go into your trust. It may have to go through Probate first, but at least your pour over will catches the asset and sends it back (pours it over) into your living trust so it can be distributed as part of your overall estate plan.

Remember, a pour over will is simply a safety net. It is not a substitute for changing titles and beneficiary designations while you are alive. If your intention is to avoid probate (which is probably a big reason why you set up a living trust in the first place), you must fund your trust.

If you are unsure whether your Trust is properly funded, please contact us today.

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